What does your character make successful investors in FX

08/05/2014 16:25

Investment plans and investment plans
Richard Dennis said : " Do not be too focused on moving the price at which you would be interested in doing when price hits that level ." So , when market participants , investors should have a clear plan .
For example : Do you plan to purchase 100 shares at a price of $ 40 and the price will increase liquidity to $ 42.
In fact , when you enter the market , you need one more plan details . You need to identify more of the following :
- You need to determine your stop loss point . You need to answer the question: " Are you willing to take as many holes ? "
- You will accept how much ? And command your exit strategy look like?
- If after the first few weeks time , the orders of your non- profit and no loss , you will continue to enter the market or exit command .
- If the exit command , what do you do next?