Caution use cough medicine for children
Disease only when correctly identify the cause of the disease has been cured treatments. Only when children are using the correct medication, the cough causes coughing to clear. So check to find reasons to use specific medicines without prolonged cough medication.
Cough medicine may be used for children
Codeine: This medicine may be used but should be limited. Use a dry cough when mild or moderate insomnia, inability to cough-cough with severe forms of composition indicated one of the symptoms. Avoid in cases of cough and phlegm but has expressed difficulty breathing.
Codeine may impair respiration if overdose. Expression is decreased respiratory breathing, with Cheyne Stokes respiration rate type, cyanosis, drowsiness, leading to drowsiness or coma, body soft, cool and moist skin, and sometimes bradycardia and blood pressure, severe cases can be circuit failure, cardiac arrest, respiratory arrest leading to death. When using the expression that saw this immediately and urgently stop taking the child to the emergency place.
In addition, one of the drugs such as Dextromethorphan & OTC Drugs feeling ...