To receive input and provide output information to help learn the language effectively

08/05/2014 16:22

First of all , I believe that if we learn our way this will take a long time because we had to separate the two learning process . Second, I 'm not sure how long you will have to wait just could not speak any foreign languages ​​start - or output transmit information . Does the amount of output information that will appear automatically like phenomenon with young children ? I think not. Young children can be output information automatically nhuu so because they have no choice other than native language , and they are forced to provide output information to be able to communicate and understand their parents . When learning a second language , we will have 02 choices right?

To receive input and provide output information is a mutual process . In other words , if you organize the output and input good , we can regulate the learning process . Basically, the output provides information to help people learn quickly combined with what he has received ( read , hear and see ) . In the next chapter , we will know where we focus on both the output and input in how to learn English .