The frequently asked questions about genital herpes ?

08/05/2014 16:26

Genital herpes can cause dangerous?
If not treated early and end point , patients can still have complications from heavy to light as most diseases transmitted sexually . Some may experience complications such as central nervous system injury ; aseptic meningitis and lesions in other locations such as the buttocks , hips , thighs , fingers , eyes .
Genital herpes is difficult to diagnose ?
Because the symptoms of genital herpes are very similar to fungal diseases so even the doctor or physician specialist may still be confused when diagnosed with this disease .
Medication can cure genital herpes ?
Antiviral drugs as acylovir , valacyclovir also applies when you have concluded genital herpes infection . However, these drugs do not kill the virus , not the virus types from the body which only inhibits the growth of virus in the body , it will reduce the symptoms ( blisters , pain , itching ) , not prevent disease recurrence .
Physician advice for you :
- Do not touch the lesions ( blisters , ulcers slippery ) its on others .
- Do not share personal items : toothbrushes , towels , washcloths , cups , bowls chopsticks , lipstick , makeup and " cold packs " .
- Wash your hands after using the ointment .