Learn how to make women beautiful Korean

09/05/2014 16:23

South Korea : Interested to massage the skin .
According to unofficial statistics , on average , every Korean woman uses about 17-18 skincare products every morning , evening and before leaving the house . Skin Korea has long been a target feminine ideal that want to target Asia . One of the secrets to skin care cheaper and easier implementation of the South is hard to massage your face. The massage improves blood circulation , stimulates oxygen flow , increasing elasticity , open pores to remove dirt on da.Viec massage can make the cleanser or moisturizer after application and time the best massage in the evening , before bedtime . When facial massage , you pay attention to use force in the fingertips to gently moderate . Pressed or contractures , excessive rubbing will only backfire . Always keep the principle : from the bottom up, from the inside out . Massage in the direction that will help your skin tighter , wrinkles are not flowing xe.Voi or sensitive skin areas , wrinkles as easy to leave the corners of the eyes or mouth , you need a massage from private and just use a finger ring is hand done enough .