Introduction to the book or baby name

29/05/2014 14:14

After issue comic condemned children , many parents are worried and wary of the comic , to the " how to" it always .
By the way , my mother introduced through the first set of books with pretty good for ages 2-5 called " Preschool Bookshelves " and " intellectual nursery " .
This is the pocket book format with 8 books ( School of politeness , good communication Baby , life around you , Get to know the time , good habits , her four seasons , Discovery World and Get familiar language ) will help children learn the knowledge, enhancing awareness , language development and foster good habits .

For children of preschool age are in the process , " said school to school , school open learning packages " is the story short, easy to understand , there are beautiful illustrations bring educational content and orientation as the habit this book is very appropriate. Opening each story always say " text" for parents and ending with the " bust " to help her parents try to " brainstorm " and test as well as the ability to understand the story that little app just read on life . In addition, the parent can guide the baby has only just storytelling competition again?