Exercise more effectively with tools treadmill!

16/10/2014 15:25

Actually exercise machine or self-assembly are very good for your body as long focused training and practice properly.
1, First, relax muscle tension: 1 Number of people who exercise often lack health status after practice. Because many cases lead to fatigue in the gym sluggish due to an abrupt end after just 30 minutes of high-intensity running on the machine. Need to gradually reduce heart rate and let your feet have time to return to normal. So, do whatever you take from 3 to 5 minutes of brisk walking (jogging) or walking away from the machine before. Then elastic body relax for a few minutes to avoid cramps and aches.
2, Adjust the distance running: To enhance endurance running and burn more calories, sometimes you adjust the machine to run at a higher intensity to normal within a few minutes, because there is such a body would help be familiar with the rhythm of the body. Doing so will reduce training time, but higher efficiency.
3, Treat Beauty: finally, behave in the gym will help the atmosphere between the apprentice becomes open and close a lot more damage than exercise. Make small talk when calling or cleaning the machine after finishing episode after the next episode will make you happy, everyone is psychologically more comfortable to practice together. So do not hesitate, let's turn the gym into a pleasant place for everyone.