Does anyone not like to use the free service ?

08/05/2014 16:25

We always prefer free , almost all like that . Free food , free courses , free furniture , free goodness , et cetera . Free or what it is and what we will spend the remaining money for other things are not free , we will have many more , WAO ! It's free and we feel comfortable, happier . Try to recall the time to steal fruit " temple " of some old neighbors and delectable - but the feeling never buy grocery match , remember the feeling of being a gift of the day birthday , remember these times of love for his parents . Free ! Oh , they are all there for free ! Someone will probably tell me that turned out to see .
When you 're in a dream rambling everything is " free " , suddenly I was a voice somewhere doing disillusionment : " What it also has a price ." No one or anything enough potential to maintain a kind of " free forever " is . Everything will be depleted , like gold , diamonds or anything else . And then one day , nothing is free at all. That day will come .
Let me tell you how we did " take advantage " of the free and the price we pay for what is free .