08/05/2014 16:25

- Language is really just an imitation , repetition . From birth , children are not thinking of forming them learn language in this way : imitation , repetition . When the larger , human brain thrives on logical thinking , remembering and learning everything thanks to logic . No logic , we learn very difficult . When learning a new word , for example " fish " is " fish " they 're just memorizing what logic did not stop right here . It's like remembering a phone number 0900039787 , for example, merely by remembering to repeat many times . Another professor , doctoral or a normal person , but remember the phone number they shared a way to remember . It all just remember thanks to the repetition !
 - To remember English, it is extremely important that we should have repeated many times . When I hear music , I can listen to a favorite song , but not bored . These songs have meaning and are easy to remember , especially the ones we love . So automatically , we will get repetitive structures in English without having to invest anything at all , to just relax . Plus the strong impression of the song in my head again leaving , I remember a lot easier than the hard lesson of Effortless .
- If you look , you will see your beautiful voice , pronunciation , phonetics good in speaking English are those who prefer to sing in English . This is a testament to the " Deep learning " ( learning deep long memory ) that they have unconsciously learned through the songs themselves are not aware .
- Listen to acquaint you with the flexibility difficult title in English as : the legato sound , audio connectors , intonation up and down
- According to psychological studies have proven , the human brain is capable of better memorize the images . Therefore, learning to sing , we need to use this factor for the Karaoke Video with subtitles below to practice . By then we may just see a picture of the song , but you can also get the word . If the video can make beautiful images of singer that you like better. You should not make the audio file or video file on youtube known not only because they will be effective