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How tasty boiled chicken
It is to make the chicken dish related to not come easily , hard to choose chicken processing also really difficult for you. Especially, the boiled chicken .
Add chicken to the pot when the water was cold , so the meat will be cooked gradually from outside to inside . If new to the boiling water into the chicken are cooked hard , cracked skin .
If the chicken is frozen to the freezer , need to defrost completely before boiling if not , you must be boiled for a long time and do not know when the new meat ripe .
When water comes to a boil , turn down the heat so , as if to boiling , the meat will have fallen to the thigh , very bad . After boiling water for about 5 minutes , you turn down the gas all the way , for 5 minutes then remove and cover enclosed area about 20 minutes . You can use chopsticks to poke the chicken , if chopstick pierced easily , no water poured red ripe .
To expect boiled chicken , fresh color , take out after , so embedded right into the pot of boiled water , cold water as well . It's time to get new chickens cooled disc. If not , the chicken skin will be dry and dull . Then , to drain a little meat , do not use turmeric , crushed juiced mixed with chicken fat scan won a class to the skin, chicken skin will be smooth and tight yellow ball , looks very attractive .





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