The hair care simple easy to implement.

22/10/2014 15:19

Hair care according to the weather will not be easy, but hair care at home as well as with many issues, so how to take care of simple yet effective hair when:
Hair fall more
With many cases of hair loss, your hair falls down, let's squeeze spinach leaves get water and use a cotton ball or soft cloth waterproof up to the scalp. This approach especially helps stimulate hair grow back faster and help hair loss limit. Furthermore this method is also easy to implement, and simple way.
Helps hair grow faster and thicker
Take a dip comb your hair you need to ensure a clean comb in coconut oil, making medicines more shiny hair. After doban hair brushed up for coconut oil can penetrate the scalp and provide nutrients, and moisture necessary for the scalp. You can continue using your hands to massage the scalp for coconut oil penetrates nourishes hair grow faster faster.
Next, wrap your hair bun or neat, but do not tighten too will make the hair dry and damaged hair. You can wear a hat or headgear to bath oils more easily absorbed into the hair and stimulates hair grow faster, just hours after a rinse with shampoo as usual, that will add moisture to the hair. Regularly apply this way, about once a week to help your hair moisturized and nourished from deep within the hair roots, stimulates hair growth and more rapid, and shiny hair even more vigor.