Night photography techniques for beginners: set 8

13/05/2014 10:58

1 . Timing for night photography
The time of night can make everything different when it comes to the traffic light streaks . There will be more vehicles in your city center from 5 - 6pm every day . You desire to rush hour ! Set in a safe place inside a busy road and experiment with exposures of 10-30 seconds to catch the most dense streaks of light . Note that in the early evening , there will be a little light in the sky - even if it looks dark to the naked eye . Which of the following pictures do you like more ? Very likely , it was the first photo shoot , with lighter blue skies and crowded streets .
2 . Setting the white balance at night
If you are using auto white balance , making it easy for your DSLR confused with what is believed to be the best set of white balance ( WB ) when shooting under street lights at night . To ensure consistent results , please manually set the WB ; Try clouds ( Clear - 6000K ) to warm up your scene ( making them orange ) or Limelight ( Tungsten - 3200K ) to cool to room temperature ( making them look green ) .