Beauty from lemon, hard to believe but true.

08/10/2014 23:25

Some good ways from the lemon in the process of applying them at home, I found my skin became more beautiful and radiant. The skin blemishes also become blurred. My skin smooth, bright and beautiful to see. Many people still do not believe because many think lemon acid will cause dry skin and sunburn easily if the sun, but try as I have practiced a few things:
1 Skin Whitening often: If you have a little skin white as I am, you combine one teaspoon of lemon juice with a teaspoon of turmeric powder and mix well. Adding a few drops of rose water to form a thick mixture and apply on the face. You should be aware of the time, not too long embankment.
At this point, you can appear yellow face slot. But just saffron and lemon juice helps in removing dead skin cells and make skin glow naturally. Rose water is added to this is to support and help smooth skin, tighten pores. Try to implement and test the results!
2 Tri pigmentation with lemon
Believe it or not you. But extracts of lemon citrus types usually contain attributes great natural skin whitening. However, with 1 of 1 bit will cause skin irritation. Bleachers of natural lemon juice will help to blur the traces of pigmentation or dark spots. Since then gives you a whiter skin.
To use measures of beauty with this lemon, you make lemonade diluted with a few drops of warm water. Then put them on the freckles about 1-2 minutes. Next, you should wash them with warm water okay. So'll soon efficiency!